Fiscal Officer

Duties and Responsibilities

The Township Fiscal Officer is an elected official and is independent of the Township Trustees, yet by law, the Township Fiscal Officer must work closely with the Trustees. While the Trustees have the legislative authority in the township (ORC 505.01), the Township Fiscal Officer must keep an accurate record of all township accounts and transactions (ORC 507.04). It is the responsibility of the Township Fiscal Officer to comply strictly with the legal requirements set for the Township Fiscal Officer’s duties, to establish and practice rules for efficient management of the Township Fiscal Officer’s office, and to follow good accounting practices in maintaining records and The Township Fiscal Officer has designated duties that are specified in the Ohio Revised Code, such as recording accurately the proceedings of the Board of Township Trustees, i.e., keeping the Minutes (ORC 507.04), plus numerous other ministerial duties.

The Bath Township Board of Trustees is accepting resumes from candidates to fill a position for a Fiscal Officer.

The candidate must be a qualified elector and a resident of Bath Township. The selected candidate will fill the position and perform the duties required as the Fiscal Officer. Duties include payroll and payroll withholdings for all township employees, processing of all payments for township purchases, budget management, and documentation of all township trustee meetings and public hearings. A strong accounting, purchasing, and Human Resources background is highly recommended.

Interested residents of Bath Township should submit a resume and cover letter with qualifications via email to: and cover letters should be received by September 30, 2022.

Click Here for Fiscal Officer Position .PDF